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Track and manage project changes in real time!

The simple yet powerful Revizto Issue Tracker is a cloud-based single source-of-truth platform for managing all BIM project activities in real time. The issues created in Revizto reside within the X,Y,Z coordinates and not on a single sheet or model which provides an intelligent connection across multiple views and platforms.

Better error detection during design minimizes costly rework on-site

The Revizto Issue Tracker is an efficient BIM collaboration tool used during the design review stage, as part of architectural, structural, and MEP coordination and in the field. It can be used as BIM model viewer to explore the future building with possibility to get all BIM data attached to it and then as full functional issue tracking system.

Manual and painstaking reporting tasks are now automated through Revizto, ensuring BIM project coordination is on task and on time.

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Clash from Navisworks in Revizto

Easily create issues

Use Revizto’s markup tools to identify a problem and create an issue in 2D/3D. 

Create issues directly from BIM software: Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD and ArchiCAD. 

Use stamps to quickly generate typical issues on the desktop or in the field.

Export and update clashes through BCF from Solibri.

Export clashes and clash groups from Navisworks.

Revizto facilitates BIM workflow:

Saves time on coordination and optimizes overall costs of the project

Real-time communication reduces the need for physical coordination meetings

Increases visibility and accountability to reduce design & construction issues

Manage projects by using deadlines, priorities and issue status. 

Create and edit markups: draw, comment, replace with an image.

Leverage the power and flexibility of tags to manage issues. 

Take photos in the field or attach images and documents. 

Use filters to easily find any issue or view a specific group of issues.

Manage issues

View markups and issues in 2D/3D and Virtual Reality. 

Open and fix issues directly in Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, and ArchiCAD. 

Work seamlessly with the project team in different offices, countries and on any device PC/MAC/iPad. 

Get instant notifications about new comments and updates — in-program and via email.

Coordinate project workflow

Generate custom project reports and schedule one-time or regular deliveries in PDF or Excel. 

Create real-time dashboards and deliver them as PDF reports featuring interactive graphs to project stakeholders. 

Export 2D sheets with or without markups to PDF as part of the project documentation package. 

Export Revizto project issues to BCF.

Generate reports and dashboards