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Get your BIM project in VR by a click

Revizto works natively with Oculus and HTC Vive and instantly creates an explorable, true-to-scale VR experience in seconds allowing you to explore real model data and coordination issues in VR. There are several benefits of leveraging the VR capabilities of Revizto:

Revizto as Virtual Reality software for BIM projects allows to:

Involve stakeholders at early stages: Get an instant feedback from stakeholders, even if they’re thousands miles from you.

Transport users to the future: Experience a future building and test real-world scenarios before it is ever built.

Improve the efficiency and safety of the building: Make informed decisions and do a security analysis in a virtual building. 

Make the WOW factor: Walk a group of people through a live project at the same time from anywhere! 

4 easy steps to get your BIM project from Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, or Rhino in VR:

Revizto workflow: 4 steps to get building projects in VR

Open project in native BIM software

Export BIM project to Revizto

Launch Revizto Vive or Oculus Viewer

View the project in Virtual Reality

One of the biggest benefits of using Revizto VR is that you are always walking through the actual model geometry, as this is derived from the current BIM model and is updated when there are changes in coordination of the design. Most VR systems require manual and time consuming work reducing polygon count by fusing pretty images to the geometry. This polygon reduction enables users to reach 90 frames a second that allows smooth end user experience on less capable hardware. When the model is updated this process starts over. 

With Revizto we keep your polygons, object metadata, geometry, redlines and issue conversations in VR to allow you to make real project decisions. Unlike most VR platforms Revizto enables users to walk anywhere in the model instead of being forced to teleport like google street view.

Contact us to find out how you can create more effective workflow around BIM projects in Virtual Reality.

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Revizto allows to view clashes from Navisworks in VR and mesure a distance in VR

Design review tool: 

Physically experience the design and the impact of changes made on it

Revizto ruler in VR
Easily view clashes from Navisworks and Solibri in VR with Revizto

Clash review tool: 

View and track clashes when working with merged building models

Construction virtualization: 

Walk through a building in true to scale view and explore all BIM data in detail

Remote site walk: 

View project updates and work with your team from anywhere in the world

Walk through a bulding project using Revizto Virtual Reality
Revizto camera share mode in VR

As a result - cost saving:

Reduction of the field fixes

Photo of Jesper Ryberg from PS&S

“The most important aspect for us is the ability of Revizto (thanks to its automatic integration with Oculus) to show the project in immersive Virtual Reality. This gives our clients an excellent sense of what the spaces and architectural elements are going to be like. This also helps the project since rescheduling meetings with executives in Fortune 100 companies is cumbersome.” 

Jesper Ryberg 
Associate Principal and the Director of Design at PS&S

Revizto supports VR from the following 3D products:

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RFI reduction by 50% 

Lower labor costs